All Merchants / Brands associated with Miyamiya disclose special Deals/ Offers during a period of time or during an occasion. Miyamiya Card Holders can access them online. Alerts to these special offers will be redirected to our Customers through Emails, Text Message and Customer Care call

  • Hot and Exclusive Deals from our Brands will be published in the DEALS section of our website. (E.g. Discounts above 25% - 99% for a specific period or a day.)
  • Aggressive promotion activities (by Tele Calling, Area wise SMS, Direct Mails, Online Marketing including social media, E-circulars) will be conducted for such deals to ensure good response from the Buyers i.e. Miyamiya Privilege Card holders.
  • Our deals include Food & Dining, Beauty and Spa, Automobile, Wellness, Hospitality etc...
  • Deal Alerts by our most sophisticated mobile application

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