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Miyamiya’ associates with IT giant ‘G-TEC Computer Education

One more golden feather in our cap….‘Miyamiya’ associates with IT giant ‘G-TEC Computer Education’, one among the largest computer training company in the world in its kind. Miyamiya Chairman Mr. Sreejith Nair signs the agreement with G-TEC MD Mr. Mehroof Manalody- with COO Mr. Arun Bal, MD Mr. Nishad Ahmad and GM of G-TEC Mr. Nandakumar

July 25, 2016
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miyamiya - Product Launch

“miyamiya” is ready for a take off!!

This pounce into the market is full of possibilities and expectations. As we get ready for the official Launch with 40 employees, more than 1000 brands and customers in Kerala, we are all set to fly…

Introducing “Little Penny”, who will help us with our savings. We have Privilege Cards, Gift Vouchers, Deals and Web Store to excite you every day.

April 23, 2016